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Brett Merl Customizes A Variety Of Benefits Packages For Small Businesses

Brett Merl has worked in the voluntary benefits industry for over twenty years and he understands the difficulties financial institutions and affinity groups face when trying to tailor a benefits package for small business owners and members alike. After seeing firsthand the frustration many of his distributors faced when trying to find top quality benefits packages, he launched Saturday Holdings, Inc®. Brett Merl's entrepreneurial passion and business sense combined to make it a success from the start.

Brett Merl's Business Model Works For Companies And Individuals

Part of Brett Merl's success as the CEO of Saturday Holdings, Inc. is the result of his understanding of the divergent needs of individuals and businesses. The company website explains the available benefits packages in clear, concise language for all distributors.  He also offers benefits packages to wholesalers who want to take advantage of the success of Saturday Holdings, Inc.'s wide array of options and offer them to their own clients.

Brett Merl Keeps Things Fresh at Saturday Holdings, Inc.

Because he knows the market is ever changing, Brett Merl constantly researches trends in benefits packages and researches customer needs. In response to his latest research, he offers several unique benefits in business, individual and family packages. Among the offerings he is most enthusiastic about are free and discounted legal help, financial education and credit counseling, mortgage mitigation services, and health related services. By offering unique benefits solutions, Brett Merl is helping both small businesses and their employees live better lives.

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